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Being environmentally friendly is our way of doing business.

Our services are 100% eco-friendly using solar panels to power our devices, saving bird populations with a harmless deterrent, reducing transmission of bird disease and overall reducing pollution.

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Styrofoam, Landfills, and an Inventive Solution

Styrofoam is used for a variety of purposes such as packaging, building material, to go cups, etc. However, what most people don’t know is that it takes up to 500 years to biodegrade. With that in mind, up to 30% of…

Wild Turkeys are Increasingly Problematic

When we think of bird problems, the most common are seagulls or pigeons causing a nuisance. However, this new video from Global News proves that wild turkeys are also a very real problem. As turkeys enter urban areas, it becomes…

Law enforcement gets involved to deter bird nuisance

A law has recently been passed in New Jersey to dissuade citizens from feeding seagulls. Jersey’s Environment department has a plan After the Environment department received many complaints about the behaviour of seagulls, minister Steve Luce proposed an update to…

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Crows perceived and reacted to the laser beam, in most cases by immediately leaving the roost.

B.F. Blackwell
University of California

Lasers are effective at moving geese in a short time period

Ohio Journal of Science

Lasers produce a neophobic avoidance response to the approaching laser beam

Scott J. Werner
National Wildlife Research Center