Wild Turkeys are Increasingly Problematic

When we think of bird problems, the most common are seagulls or pigeons causing a nuisance. However, this new video from Global News proves that wild turkeys are also a very real problem. As turkeys enter urban areas, it becomes dangerous for both the birds & residents.

See Global News’ video here.

A bird problem that is becoming more and more common

This isn’t the first instance that wild turkeys have appeared in urban areas. An article written by Associated Press published in The Washington Post explains how the birds were wiped out from New England in the 1800s but have recently made a reappearance in Boston and its suburbs. Residents have made complaints about the turkeys damaging gardens & cars, chasing pets and attacking civilians. Similar instances have been surging throughout the country.


City officials responsible for bird deterring

The problem has fallen into the hands of the city’s police and health officials who are now charged with handling this growing problem. Although most times turkeys are simply blocking traffic, it happened on a few occasions that police has had to shoot the birds as a matter of public safety. For wild turkeys, it is animal instinct to show aggressiveness in order to assert dominance no matter wether this is towards other turkeys or towards humans, hence the attacks. Wildlife experts say the problem often rises when people leave out food which entices the birds to settle in to survive the winter. Some cities in Oregon, Iowa and New Jersey have banned turkey feeding after similar reports, however the idea has not spread to Boston as some residents enjoy the return of native wildlife.


The Lockbird Solution

To avoid such problems, Lockbird has just the right tool. Our innovative handswipe is the perfect solution to deter the turkeys without harming them. The handheld laser projects a green light which the turkeys perceive as a predator. This stream of light then scares the bird and deters them. If the State were to supply these to city officials, it would give them the opportunity to eliminate the problem in an ecologically responsible manner.

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